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Franzia, the wine in a box!

A boxed wine, known for being cheap. It is the #1 table wine in terms of volume of sales in the world. It was also notorious as the wine of choice of Aramithris.

He once switched to another wine, which entered the market cheaper than Franzia. Once this initial promotional price expired, though, he went back to Franzia.

Aramithris' devotion to this wine, and the affects it had on him at events and on his online postings was well known, and in a way, a central feature of Amtgard in the 90s. This was reinforced to the point of caricature, as people would bring him Franzia at events as tribute, talk of constructing a fort out of used boxes, etc.

The song 500 Boxes chronicles the effects of Franzia upon Aramithris.

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