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==[[Squire]] Foxtor Volpes, of [[Mists of the Dawn]], under the [[Kingdom]] of [[Polaris]]==
==[[Squire]] Foxtor Volpes, of [[Mystic Dawn]], under the [[Kingdom]] of [[Polaris]]==
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===Belted Family===
===Belted Family===
[[Foxtor]] is a [[Squire]] to [[Sir]] [[Shale NFTY]]
*paged to [[Mittens]]
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| <strong>[[Michael]]'s Belt Tree</strong>
| {{Michael Beltline}}
===Notable Accomplishments & Titles===
===Notable Accomplishments & Titles===

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Foxtor Volpes
Home Park Black Helm Keep
Current Park Mists of the Dawn
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2015
Noble Title N/A
Belt Status Squire to Sir Shale NFTY
Foxtor Heraldry.jpg

Squire Foxtor Volpes, of Mystic Dawn, under the Kingdom of Polaris


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