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"Someone that makes Dalos's soul hurt."

"the flurb is someone so far gone that they're trying to escape the realities of a game designed to escape from reality."-Oznog

The origins of the term "Flurb" may stem from video games.

In general it started as a derogatory term to refer to people who are more into the role-playing aspects of amtgard, especially in a negative way. It's original meaning was used to describe someone so socially inept, that they made us regular geeks embarrassed & put off. However, over time it lost its negative connotations, role-players have embraced the term and use it with pride as a resistance to the "other side", e.g., the ditch-first Stick Jock mentality that is prevalent in many parts of Amtgard today.

How to explain it... to some, anyone who role-plays is a flurb. But someone who role-plays a half-dragon/half elf sorcerer with blue swords is more of a flurb than someone who simply roleplays a samurai warrior.

It is generally assumed that most flurbs take the role-playing aspects more seriously than the sport aspects of amtgard, usually to the detriment of their fighting ability. So being able to fight well might make one less of a flurb.

From Mark Barnes on facebook "The word flurb (circa 1988 maybe 1989) is what Plague called Cain a few times and we (Cain and myself-Hrog) thought it would be fun to see if we could get people to start using the word just to be cool. The joke was if you didn't know what a flurb was then you were a flurb. So pretty much if you weren't "wrong crowd" then you were a flurb. So other Amtgardians would just say they knew what it meant because we made it sound like you were uncool if you didn't."

Variations of the word flurb might include:

  • Flurb-Fu - any melodramatic combat tactics that are generally ineffective
  • Flurbiness - The flurb factor of something. E.g., the Elven Court has a high degree of "Flurbiness"
  • Flurbery - The act of being a flurb.