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===Fire-[[Lord]] [[Squire]] Durnik Aldursvale-[[Darkjester]], Clan Chief of Clan Aldursvale and First Mate of the good ship Stolen Booty, of the [[Duchy]]  [[Shrouding Mist]], [[Northern Lights]] ===
===Fire-[[Lord]] [[Squire]] Durnik Aldursvale-[[Darkjester]], Clan Chief of Clan Aldursvale, of the [[Duchy]]  [[Shrouding Mist]], [[Northern Lights]] ===

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Fire-Lord Squire Durnik Aldursvale-Darkjester, Clan Chief of Clan Aldursvale, of the Duchy Shrouding Mist, Northern Lights

Durnik Darkjester
Home Park Shrouding Mist
Kingdom Duchy
Year Started 2013
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Squire



Durnik started playing in 2013, as a member of Mystic Seas in the Kingdom of Blackspire, though he primarily played at Shrouding Mist in the Kingdom of Northern Lights. He loves to swing stick, and has been accused of being addicted to it. He was one of the founding members of the Valkyries Rest in Gig Harbor, Wa. and loves teaching newblettes the basics. Currently Durnik fights in the Duchy, Shrouding Mist. Durnik aspires to be a Serpent knight when he grows up, and does what he can to work towards that. he makes garb for people, his only request is that the customer providers the material and Durnik gets to keep whatever is left over so he can make garb for people who can't afford it. He is also service oriented, but mostly only when he thinks he can do so without getting caught, which he manages very often. He became a full member of the Saracens Fighting Company at Northern Lights Coronation Campout (NLCC) Fall of 2015, and left them in January 2018 for personal reasons. He also became a full member of the Shadow Bell-Darkjesters at Northern Lights Coronation Campout (NLCC) Spring of 2017. In 2018 he joined the Dragons of the Rune, a fighting company based in the Northern Lights.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Awarded his Lord title at Valkries Rest on Jan. 25, 2015 by King Darius of the Northern Lights.
  • Former Chieftain of Tribe Dark Lotus of the Saracens

Additional Images

  • Personal Heraldry