Donnovan Sunrider

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Baronet Squire Donnovan Sunrider of Falling Waters.



Started Amtgard in the Summer of 1992 at the long defunct park Demon's Gorge in Irving, TX in the Emerald Hills.

Moved from Dallas area to Wisconsin in early 2000. Began talking to friends at work about Amtgard, which eventually became the Frost Lands. The members from work were Groan Mooncaller and Ackyasha Stormchaser.

Squired to Sir Goodwyn Clu Da'Bard in Summer of 2003.

Affiliated Groups

House Lionesse House Bardic Blues

Belted Family

   Duke Sir Martello Entropy
       Saint Duke Sir Goodwyn Clu Da'Bard
           Lady Squire Zin Moon
           Lord Baron, Squire Malran Singollo, of Red Storm
           Baronet Squire-Errant Donnovan Sunrider
       Duke Sir Elder Vermilion 

Notable Accomplishments

Bears the title of Elder as one of the first four elected officials of the Frost Lands.


One of the founders of the Frost Lands

First Chancellor of the Frost Lands

Regent of the Frost Lands 8/2007 - 3/2008

More Information

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