Diana of Autumn Grove

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Diana, of Autumn Grove, Rising Winds



Diana is the real life mother of Crimson and Dren. She started out on a blanket at the park reading a book and not signing in or participating in anyway. With pressure from the park, and the growing participation of her children, Diana soon joined the park and began signing in as a color. She has swung foam a few times in fun.

Character History

The story is told
Again and again
From mother to child
And frind to friend.
The story of a mother
Sweet and kind
Clever with words
And strong of mind.
She worked in a library,
Quiet and small.
She opened it warmly,
Welcome to all.
One day came a girl
With a quest on her mind.
She had the tails of a fox
And a family to find.
All day Crimson searched
Through shelves and boxes
But never she found
This family of foxes.
So sadly she left
But not on her own;
A mother can't leave
A child alone.
Secretly she followed
By night and by day
To make sure this girl
Would always stay safe.
It wasn't a week
Before she found Sage:
A girl with a tail
And close in age.
Crimson joined this girl
In her new found home
But now the mother
Was all alone.
For days she waited
And tried to decide
Whether to join this group
Or go on with her life.
She came out of hiding,
Crimson to find,
And told her the story
Of the plan she aligned.
"What is this place?"
"It's Autumn Grove
But you can just call it
Your new home."
-Written by Crimson Firestrike

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • She is amazing at sewing, even if she'll tell you that she is not

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