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Damien Logos, of Kestrel Keep a Freehold

"Do I have your permission to dicker, my lord?" - Grim. "Commence dickering!" - Damien.

"If you have a white belt, act like it. If you don't have a white belt, act like you do anyway." - Damien to Alona Twotrees.


Damien combating the dreaded Newbie Foo of Ethinea.


Damien Logos began playing Amtgard in 2002 in Inland Ocean, within the now defunct Kingdom of the Mystic Seas, and played until May 17th 2003. He moved to the Kingdom of Neverwinter in 2004, and after a 1 year break played for four weeks, until his bow broke while stringing it right before an archery tournament. He then took a 5.5 year hiatus, and did not play until January 25th, 2009, when he began playing again at Kestrel Keep, a freehold in Florida. In 2010 he went inactive again to focus on college. Currently, he resides in the borders of the Kingdom of the Northern Lights and remains inactive.

Affiliated Groups

House Maverick - Card: The Lovers

Belted Line

Man at Arms to Arch Duke Sir Bjorn um Vindold, of Kestrel Keep a Freehold

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