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Cthol Irongrip of Cragganmore

'”That spin looked a lot faster in my mind”

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Originally began playing in 1988 in The Burning Lands, Moved to Austin Tx in The early 90’s where he abruptly took a 25 year “breather” from Amtgard. Active again since June 2017 at the Barony of Slaughter Creek in the CK.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Squired to Arch Duke Aredhel Kemenval (retired) Burning Lands 1990

Notable Accomplishments

Champion, Barony of Slaughter Creek-Jan/2018 - July/2018

Weaponmaster (Burning Lands-1991)

Guildmaster of Warriors (BL-91)

Guildmaster of Literature (BL-91)

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More Information

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