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*[[Shire]] [[Griffon's Keep]] Victoria, Texas
*[[Shire]] [[Griffon's Keep]] Victoria, Texas
*[[Barony]] [[Bloodtide Coast]] Corpus Christi, Texas
*[[Barony]] [[Bloodtide Coast]] Corpus Christi, Texas
*[[Shire]] [[Black Water]] Gulfport, Mississippi

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The fourth Amtgard Kingdom, located in central Texas signed a contract with the Burning Lands on April 27th, 1990. The first Coronation of the CK was held on August 25th of the same year.

The Celestial Kingdom each year hosts Spring War, arguably one of the larger yearly Amtgard events. For a long time it was held at Burnet County Fairgrounds, but it has in recent years moved to other sites such as Camp Lone Star.

The Celestial Kingdom has sponsored chapters throughout central Texas and farther off, even including Australia and Germany. For a list of places in the CK, see Celestial Kingdom Chapters or consult the Amtgard Atlas.

You can also see a listing of all the

Interkingdom Events

Spring War - March 2021 (TBA)

Important Dates

Celestial Kingdom Events Page

July 11 - Emergency Althing to Wave Attendance Requirements

July 18 - Last day to declare for Kingdom Guildmaster To Declare (discussion)

July 25 - KPM Elections

August 1 - Dragonmaster Online Registration

August 7-9 - Midreign

Online Activities

Active Chapters

Crown of the Celestial Kingdom

Current Kingdom Monarchy

Monarch: Surreall Mcleod

Regent: Eva Destruction

Prime Minister: The Dalan

Champion: Episode Skinrot

GMR: Ziana

Petitioning Chapters

None at this time

Amtgard Chapters within the Celestial Kingdom
Sponsored Chapters: Bifost · Bloodtide Coast · Devil's Bayou · Dragon Skull Keep · Eclipse · Griffin's Keep · Hero's Pass · Murky Waters · Nocturnis II · Paragon's Cross · Slaughter Creek · Tori-Mar · Traitors Gate · Wickerwood
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