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Baronet Cearen Bladgden

"Yeh... right..."


(See History of Midnight Sun 1990-1994)

Origins begin with a brief beginning at Ironcloud at Keist park in 1990. Following that would spent time with both the locations Shadowdale and Barwicke till both merged to form the Duchy of Midnight Sun.

Cearen, known to those of Midnight Sun as "Doc", was a skilled throw with the dagger as an assassin, and later times would spend playing wizard. Both assassin daggers and wizard spell balls were a natural to Doc due to years pitching in Baseball.

Doc was also a skilled negotiator, and as one of many in a tradition at Midnight Sun, well versed in the Amtgard rules.

From 1991-1992 was leader of the Saracen tribe of the Shadow Demons. From 1993-1995 joined the rest of his Shadow Demons members in forming the company of the Huntsmen.

In 2004 when Doc's teenage step-son gained an interest in HFS and chain maile making, Doc found another common ground and passtime with family.

Affiliated Groups

Fighting Company - Huntsmen

Notable Accomplishments


  • Baronet - Given by the Duchy of Midnight Sun 1991.




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History of Midnight Sun 1990-1994