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Knights of the Celestial Kingdom

here listed in Alphabetical order are all the persons ever knighted in the Celestial Kingdom as originally compiled by the GMCoK Sir Clalibus


In the process of updating this information; Here are my remaining Questions

  • Azkar Raintree: One listed Squire any where, does anyone know if he had any others?
  • Bagera: Lists knighted in 2005, but no monarch if the date is correct it would be Ween or Brohmir. Which is it? Or is the date incorrect?
  • Beloch: No known Squires, anyone know of any? Knighted in 1997, but no monarch listed. Could have been LeGrey, Therressa, or Mandigore?
  • Crinos: was knighted in three seperat kingdoms. Looking for the month and year on each belt, and bestowing Monarch.
  • Dunbar: Did he have any Squires? I don't find any listed.
  • Durin: No monarch listed.
  • Emanon: Has no presenting Monarch, history, or Squires listed.
  • Farlo: Knights belt listed as flame in Both 2002 and 2005, no presenting monarch. Does Farlo have any squires?
  • Grendel: What year did his knighting occur? Was it 1998 or 2002?
  • Hulka: Did he have any known squires?
  • Lowell: When and Where and Whom?
  • Manicles; Who was the presenting monarch for your Serpent belt? What year and month was it given?
  • Melinda: Need dates and Monarch on her flame belt.
  • Athisdane: Looking for the correct links for your squire Trevor Hargrave, and Talon.
  • Nightlynx: Dates and giving Monarch of the Flame belt.
  • Amerinda: Listed as a graduated squire of Peybr's but I can't find anything else on her. Anyone have further information?
  • Raven:Can you please link me to your Squire's ORK profiles? I wasn't able to find any of them listed.
  • Rook: was knighted when and by whom?
  • Shanti: Who gave her the 1999 Crown belt?
  • Skywise: What monarch granted his 1998 flame belt?
  • Theolanthilis: Dates and bestowing monarch
  • Tiberius: Was he knighted in 1991, or 1994? The information conflicts.
  • Ursor: Can you please give ORK links for you remaining Squires?
  • Zircon: Who knighted him Flame in 2000?
  • Fael: Who knighted her in 2010?
  • Jemethiel Knorth: My information says knighted in 1996, for Serpent, but not who did it. Anyone know?
  • Oznog: What Year and under what monarchy was he knighted?

Knights added to the ORK

  • Raban
  • Fael
  • Stoney
  • Spice

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