Brother Fredrik

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Fredrik de Money
Home Park Caerbannog
Kingdom Goldenvale
Year Started 2008
Noble Title Count
Belt Status None

Count Brother Fredrik of Steinnfjall and Caerbannog

”Nobility is not what is in front of your name, it is what is in your heart”



Which one! I have two persona biographies for Fredrik! One for my HFS character Sir Fredrik and one for my Amtgard persona!

Mundane Biography
Born in California, joined the Army and moved to Oklahoma. Found the SCA, met and married Aislinn. Moved to San Antonio Texas. Was there for ten years too busy in school to play in the SCA or anything else really. Graduated from college and re-founded the Kingdom of ShadowMist. Played there for 7 years (with one trip to the sand box in Iraq) then was transferred to the Boston Mass area. Tried to start a High Fantasy Society group called Steinnfjall, without success. Started playing with Amtgard in the kingdom of Goldenvale. After playing at the kingdom seat for Goldenvale for about six year, he started a new park, Caerbannog, in nearby Keene NH with his wife Aislinn nic Fhearchair and his Man-at-arms Murgen

Brother Fredrik of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon
Born in 1189 near Dublin, Fredrik was the third son of a minor Lord who supported the Celts against his own people, the Danes. He took up arms and trained as a warrior, specifically a mounted knight. In 1215 he joined the Order of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Chirst and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known and the Templars. Trained in Arville for two years, he embarked from Acre to Damietta where he fought the Saracen's for the first time. Thanks to the clever use of ship mounted siege towers, in August of 1218 they took the north tower on the river and from there were able to break the resistance and take the town. The next goal was Cairo, but Fredrik never made it that far. While standing watch he noted movement in a cave. Investigating, he found several Saracen's who he thought were spies. He followed them and slew them, but became lost in the cave system.

How long he wandered he does not know. However when he came out of the cave he was in the woods of Golden Vale. Having little gold and no knowledge of the land, which at first he thought must be near Cairo, he wandered about. Finally he realized that for some reason God had used that cave as a portal to bring him here. He obviously had a mission, but first he must survive. He hunted some in the woods and he offered his services as a warrior for hire. When King Bowen offered a bounty on the Darklanders, he searched and fought with zeal feeling that these were those who would have truck with demons and were deserving of the kings justice or at least a swift end at the end of his blade. He also found himself as some time bodyguard of Princess Esselia. The coin earned from this work saw him through his first winter but more importantly was his reputation that he built as a soldier of honor and integrity which earn him a position as Champion when King Chekers took the throne.

He served Chekers faithfully, then served as Kingdom Champion and Kingdom Regent multiple times under various Monarchs. When Akrith held the throne, he was asked to go and rid a nearby area of the monsters that kept destroying settlements in the area. He went to the land and founded the Shire of Caerbannog. Some time later Nydgenga_Dawnbreaker took the throne of Goldenvale and declared all non-humans anethma to the kingdom and demanded they leave the kingdom. Having not yet completed his task and not had the land formally invested into the kingdom of Goldenvale, he reasoned that Caerbannog was not part of Goldenvale and let word be known among the lands of Goldenvale that they would take all refugees from this tyrant's wrath.

Word must have reached the Kings ear, however, as soon agents of the king and ships under the command of his enforcers were seen in the area...

Sir Fredrik of ShadowMist and Steinnfjall
As a child Fredrik was a lonely young man. His father was a baron and very conscious of his station. So Fredrik had no children we was allowed to play with as there were no nearby nobles. He would sneak out an play with the peasant children when he could and developed a friendship with a boy near his age named Charn. He was punished severely when caught, but that did not stop him. Finally in a fit of anger, his father banished Charn's entire family from the Barony. While they were traveling, they were set upon and killed by brigands. When Fredrik learned of his friends fate, his anger burned within him. On his 14th birthday, he went through his rite of assertion ceremony and his father gave him a beautiful sword and declared him an adult. Fredrik turned to the crowd, broke the sword over his knee and announced "I reject my family, I reject my inheritance and I reject my name!" He walked off the platform and left the keep with nothing but the clothes on his back. He went to the nearby abbey of St. Michael the warrior and protector where he took orders. He studied the arts of the scholar and the warrior for the next fourteen years, then went out for his journey: seven years as an itinerant monk, helping those in need with his mind and his sword.

At the end of his journey he settled in the land of ShadowMist founding an abbey on lands given by Queen Jendarial. He was honored and recognized with a knighthood for service to the kingdom and given titles for serving as an officer in the courts of ShadowMist and even serving as Lord Protector for Queen Jendarial in her absence. Several times he was offered the Crown and he always refused, serving as a temporary head, but never as king. When asked why he would simply say "No man is better by birth than any other. It is not my place to seek advancement."

After about seven years in ShadowMist he received word that his father was dead. His father had usurped the throne and there was no clear successor. The abbot where he trained requested he come and reclaim his birthright and bring order to the land of his birth, Steinnfjall. Upon arriving there with his wife, Aislinn nic Fhearchair and her family, he found the kingdom in chaos, most of the nobles slain and the land over run by pirates and brigands. He took the crown briefly, then gave control to his wife when people grumbled about him holding the crown and being a sworn member of the abbey. She then appointed him as head of the armies of Steinnfjall and he set about trying to rid the lands of the lawless vermin who preyed upon the people of Steinnfjall.

Affiliated Groups

Amtgard Kingdom of Goldenvale
HFS Kingdom of Steinnfjall
HFS Kingdom of ShadowMist

Belted Family

Not belted in Amtgard
HFS: First Knight of ShadowMist (Knight of the Falcon)
Sir Fredrik

Step Squire: Sir Maxim (ShadowMist)*

  • Sir Maxim was a squire to Sir Sinjin before he stopped playing. When Maxim moved from Barad-Duin to ShadowMist, I acted as a surrogate knight for him until he received his belt. I was never his official knight as neither of us wanted to dishonor Sir Sinjin, a man we both respect greatly to this day. Thus he became my "step squire".

Notable Accomplishments

Amtgard Offices

Champion of Goldenvale March 2009 - September2009
Champion Pro temp of Goldenvale February 2010 - March 2010
Minister of Arts and Sciences (Regent) of Goldenvale March 2012 - March 2013
Champion of Goldenvale September 2013 - March 2014
Sheriff of Caerbannog May 2014 - October 2015
Champion of Caerbannog October 2015 - Present

Amtgard Awards

Noble title of Lord (March 2009)
Noble title of Baronet (March 2010)
Noble title of Count (September 2012)
Defender of Goldenvale(September 2009)
Arts and Sciences Champion of Goldenvale Proper (March 2012)
Non-Noble Title: The Sheppard
Paragon Scout
Master Rose

Amtgard Other

Originator of the Brofred Knee Drop™: When accepting awards and a kneeling pillow is not in place, simply lift both feet in the air at the same time and drop directly down onto your knees. Works best with hard wood floors. KNEE PADS RECOMMENDED! Intended as a reminder to place a kneeling pillow!

HFS Offices


  • Lord Protector(President) and Champion May 2000 - May 2001
  • Chancellor May 2001 - November 2001
  • Jarl (President) May 2002 - November 2002
  • Chancellor Augest 2003 - November 2003 (Assumed duties as Chancellor)
  • Advisor (Vice President) and Champion November 2003 - May2004
  • Chancellor November 2003 - May2004


  • Champion January 2006-February 2008 (Resigned)

HFS Awards

These are the most notable accomplishments of Sir Fredrik of ShadowMist and Steinnfjall. These awards were given in the High Fantasy Society and NOT in Amtgard.

  • First Knight of ShadowMist (Knight of the Falcon)(March 2001)
  • Order of the Ember in ShadowMist (May 2003)
  • Marquis (Kingdom of Stienfjall) (October 2007)
  • Master of the Staff (Service)(October 2007)
  • Master of the Peacock (Garb) (October 2007)

Additional Images

Presenting Gifts at Chekers coronation (March 2009) DSC_03230242.jpg

Taking Position as Champion at Chekers Coronation (Sorry about the pants, I'd just come from Guard) DSC_03260245.jpg

Caught with mouth full at Cheker's Coronation. DSC_03080227.jpg

Flubing it up in the snow! DSCF3455.jpg

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