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Board of Directors

a sort of officer

What is it?

A board of directors is a group of individuals chosen by the stock holders of a company to promote their interests, or in the case of a not-for-profit corporation by its members, by the previous Board or through some other mechanism in its by-laws or by statute in the case of a public corporation.

In terms of Amtgard, Kingdoms have a board of directors elected by their dues paid populace. They typically serve one year. The Monarch and Prime Minister are automatically members, typically there are five other at-large members on the board of directors. The Board will typically have a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The actual make-up of the board may vary from kingdom to kingdom.

Typically the Board of Directors will be responsible for all dealings with outside organizations, such as contracts, funding, legal situations, insurance and so forth.

Meetings of the BoD

This varies form Kingdom to Kingdom. And is usually noted in the P&Ps of the BoD or in the individual kingdom's Corpora. For instance the Kingdom of Dragonspine has regularly scheduled meetings on the first Monday of every month. While in the Celestial Kingdom unless there is a petition submitted to the BoD meetings are held on the Sunday following Midreign and Coronation.


The Burning Lands Board of Directors, ("BLBOD" for short) additionally controls the copyright to the Rulebook, accepts Contracts from new Amtgard Chapters, and approves petitions from groups aspiring to kingdom status before going to vote by the Circle of Monarchs.

Interkingdom BoD

There is considerable sentiment for the creation of an Interkingdom Board of Directors ("IKBOD"), which would in some share control of the game between all the kingdoms, but the exact method of this is unclear, and has thus far been opposed by the BLBOD.

In some ways the Circle of Monarchs now fills this function, voting on changes to the Rulebook, and initiatives like award standardizations and new Kingdom Petitions.

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