Bella Peregrina

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Squire Bella Peregrina, of Slaughter Creek, Celestial Kingdom, and HFS Barad Duin

”I am neither incorrigible, nor an instigator. I am resourceful, and helpful.”



She started coming to Amtgard - Barad Duin in August of 1988. Her first persona was simply known as "The Unicorn." Her weapon of choice was a double bastard axe. After the split, she played both Amtgard and HFS. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1992, she took a 10 year sabbatical from both games. She returned to HFS in 2002, and Amtgard in 2008, as a Gypsy horse-woman, Bella Peregrina. Currently (January 2009), she is Squire to Archduke Sir Rufus Grimwulff in both Amtgard & HFS, a tribal initiate of the Saracen Tribe Furies, Countess and Queen of HFS Barad Duin, and Chieftain of the Kumpania (Clan) Peregrina. She is seldom seen without her blue & gold macaw, Arthur, and her horses.

Affiliated Groups

  • Slaughter Creek, Celestial Kingdom
  • HFS Barad Duin
  • Saracens, Tribe Furies
  • Kumpania (Clan) Peregrina

Belted Family

Squire to Archduke Sir Rufus the Grimwulff, 2009

Notable Accomplishments

  • Saracens, Tribe Furies, Tribal Initiate, 2008
  • Countess, Princess of Four Winds, 2007-2008
  • Chieftain of Kumpania (Clan) Peregrina, 2002
  • Queen of Barad Duin, 2008 - 2009
  • Regent of Barad Duin 2009 - present

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More Information

In the mundane world, Bella is known as Skye. She owns Bella Peregrina Ranch: