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==Aylwen, of the [[Barony]] of [[Gargoyle's Gate]]==
==Aylwen, of the [[Barony]] of [[Gargoyle's Gate]]==
{{Template:Infobox Amtgarder|image=[[Image:GG_2013.jpg|150px]]|name=<small>Alywen</small>|park=[[Gargoyle's Gate]]|Kingdom=[[Crystal Groves]]|year=[[2013]]|noble=|belt=}}
{{Template:Infobox Amtgarder|image=[[Image:]]|name=<small>Alywen</small>|park=[[Gargoyle's Gate]]|Kingdom=[[Crystal Groves]]|year=[[2013]]|noble=|belt=}}

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Aylwen, of the Barony of Gargoyle's Gate

Home Park Gargoyle's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2013
Noble Title
Belt Status


Bio (Mundane)

Started at Gargoyle's Gate in the winter 2013. Aylwen helped to restart GG after mundane issues had destroyed the park. He has been continuously helping to promote the park & Amtgard in the local areas

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable accomplishments