Axgar Erion the Blackhanded

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Axgar Erion the Blackhanded, of the Northern Holdfast

”An indicative quote”



A loud and opinionated man, but always friend to everyone. Originally hailed from Las Cruces and El Paso but he currently resides in the IM.

Most good and a few bad(funny) Amtgard stories from the 90's will involve Axgar, and he is a font of quotables like "You sure got a purty mouth, boy" and "At midnight it all turns to dick." Known far and wide from Clan to ditch fields, Axgar has cut a path of destruction like no other in the history of the game, because he has the skills to stitch people up afterward. A Saracen, back when Saracen City dominated Sleepygrass, Axgar eventually left to form the Wolves, along with his brother Xandar. Axgar also endured one of the most taxing knighting buffets in the history of the game.

While he was known as a wild man in his early days, time, kids, and a loving wife have somewhat tamed the former bar bouncer/surgical tech. Now a successful entrepreneur and dedicated family man, Axgar goes to events when he can take everyone. Axgar is well known and widely respected for his ethics and "country boy" pragmatism. He can also spin an entertaining yarn as long as his favorite polearm.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Wolves and Emberlight.

Belted Family

Previously squired to Sir Delphos Darkheart

Squires; Derfel, Cythian, Oman

Notable Accomplishments

Created a Knight of the Sword by Emperor Thor Tandræbe, July 2000 how ever for reasons of his own he has chosen to drop his belt.

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More Information

  • Warning:* Never give Axgar white tequila. Ever.