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Cardinal Protodeacon Squire Zwerver Montague

”Drink... DRINK!”



Zwerver showed up to Felfrost in July 2011.

Belted family

Positions Held

Affiliated Groups


Notable Accomplishments

  • Getting the only kill on Ducryus at BotD 2012. Through a fort wall. And escaped.
  • Over 50 kills at his second BotD mainly through his uses of throwies
  • Co-Founder of the Order of the Shot
  • Getting 36 people confirmed shirtless at the BotD 2014 campfire all at once. He has no idea how he will beat that, but he will find a way.
  • Is recognized as an effective auctioneer and an amazing masseur. He once massaged Cy to the point Cy had to be carried around like he was drunk. His legs didn't work they were so relaxed.

Non-Notable Accomplishments

  • Getting 3 scratched corneas in the same eye (left) in under 2 years.
  • Taking over 2 years to get company garb
  • "Getting demoted back to page about once a month for sassing his Knight" - Ascli. "Hashtag so worth it" - Zwerver
  • Being ready to Spiderman any thread at any time

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