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By joint agreement of the Kingdom Prime Minister and myself, David Joshua Danforth [Persona name Zoradon] is hereby indefinitely suspended for violation of the Amtgard Code of Conduct, item number 3

Zoradon Lotocriança, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale



Out of Game - Zoradon first played when some friends dragged him out to "hit people with sticks" but then lost track of the game for several years before Elghinn started playing again.

In Game - Zoradon is a Tiller of the Lotus Vale, sent to Caradoc Hold to create a field for Vale to work in.

Affiliated Groups

Order of the Sacred Lotus (Tiller)

Positions Held

  • Guildmaster of Reeves, Caradoc Hold, May 2007 - April 2008
  • Guildmaster of Sages, Caradoc Hold, May 2007 - April 2008

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