Zedakiah Massacre

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Zedakiah Massacre, of The Hollow, Kingdom of Northern Lights

”Lycanthropy Active”




Zedakiah is currently a 6th level Druid, a 6th level Healer, a 4th level Warrior, and a 6th level Wizard.

Belted Family

Zatory is a Page to Zedakiah, as of 10/21/2015

Affiliated Groups

Dragon's Blade Fighting Company

Notable Accomplishments

-Order of the Flame 1 (Company of Dragon's Blade owned by Zedakiah)

-Order of the Griffin 1

-Order of the Rose 1

-Order of the Lion 1

-Order of the Owl 1

-Order of the Smith 1

-Order of the Warrior 1

More Information

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