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Home Park Hel's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2012
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Man at Arms

Zayl Listoff Bloodwynd, Barony of Hel's Gate, Kingdom of Crystal Groves


Zayl joined Harbour of Rhye May 2012. After such, he eventually moved to Gargoyle's gate where he became baron. His preferred class is archery though he has been playing warrior as well. Most notable about him is his long black sluff coat that identifies him as a warden and his white PVC bow.

Affiliated Groups

Grand Master of the Black Wold Wardens Household Dat Tco (woot guard)

Belted Family

Shogun Hitorimono (Crown: Oct 2016 Flame: July 2021)

Notable Accomplishments

Offices Held

Baron of Gargoyle's Gate February 13'-August '13

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