Yorick Ebonmoon

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Lord Yorick Ebonmoon, of Midgard, Rising Winds

”I went from camp to camp and asked if jet fuel has been here.”



Yorick Ebonmoon started playing Amtgard in 2006 at the now defunct Highrain.
After an absence from the game, he returned to the game at the park now named Mimir's Well and was immediately seen as one of the leaders among the new breed. He began making a name at the park as a prominent leader and became the Shire's Sheriff, developing a taste for Kingdom politics. He eventually made the jump to Kingdom Champion, and subsequently was a crucial part to the recreation of the Grand Duchy of Midgard.

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of Exalted
House of the Crescent Dawn- Founder

Notable Accomplishments

Lord - Keep on the Borderlands 2015

Was at a time both WeaponMaster and DragonMaster of Mimir's Well.

Champion of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

Belted Family

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