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Woodstock, of Siar Geata, Westmarch, Dragonspine

Hey! Someone could lose an eye with that thing!

I'm using steam to bend it >crack!<


Woodstock started Amtgard around July of 2008. He is the proud maker of two suits of armor, a red oak bow that won him his first Owl, and a totally awesome helm that doesn't make him look fruity at all. Following tension within the Barony of Siar Geata in '09, Woodstock took a much-needed hiatus. One tendon injury later, Woodstock returned to Siar Geata a stronger and wiser opponent, no longer lowering himself to the position of "That Guy". Now a respected leathersmith, he will teach any who wish to learn.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable accomplishments

  • Broke his father's glasses on his first day out
  • Heir Apparent of Siar Geata 2010
  • Order of the Jovial, awarded by Jackie Daw for improved attitude.
  • Grew a beard at 15.
  • Found a girlfriend who's almost as crazy as he is! Almost.

Additional Images

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More Information

Can be found at most SG gatherings. Has not yet been to a multi-land event.