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...Human beings didn't evolve brains in order to lie around on lakes. Killing's the first thing we learned. And a good thing we did, or we'd be dead, and the tigers would own the earth.

Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

Formed in 1994 by Shainsa Tugruk aka White Tiger. The Company colors came into dispute almost immediately, and a challenge was issued by Pubear of the Saracens. Obviously, the challenge was met and won in single combat. The White Tigers and certain Saracen tribes have remained closely associated ever since.

The Company has had some ups and downs, mostly notably with the loss of White Tiger to the real world. Laboring under several captains who could not bring the Company together cohesively and many roster changes, it is now under the command of Denah hap Tugruk, one-time XO, and thriving.





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