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”Wake the WereBear at your own risk.”


Hibernation time, baby.

WereBear, of Finders Keep and Mourningwood Glen in Amtgard's Emerald Hills

WereBear also claims the HFS kingdoms of Bhurtok and Shadowmist (retired).


WereBear started his stickjock career playing HFS in Austin, Texas at the kingdom of Barad-Duin in 1999. It was there that WereBear got his first taste of Amtgard through frequent kingdom raids by the Torches, who destroyed his newbie notion that all skilled fighters were assholes; as many of the Torches magnanimously taught their skills to anyone who would listen.

Eventually Barad-Duin become a less-than-fun park, and WereBear began driving down to the HFS kingdom of Shadowmist in San Antonio, Texas. Shadowmist offered a small group of very jovial and talented people, though only a small handful of the populous cared about developing their fighting prowess. To get his "stick fix", WereBear began attending Torch fighter practice (Tori-Mar) on Wednesday nights every once in a while.

WereBear then played in the Emerald Hills kingdom of Mourningwood Glen in Arlington, Texas until he finished his Electrical Engineering degree in August of 2011. During this time he was petitioned to the Justicars, and he actively plays with the "southern JC" in the DFW area.

WereBear now plays in the Emerald Hills kingdom of Finders Keep in Wichita Falls, Texas due to a job offer from a good engineering firm, and commutes to Mourningwood Glen once or twice a month.

Origin of "WereBear"

"WereBear" was a nickname from old Barad-Duin, referencing WereBear's size and appearance. This nickname is often shortened to just "Bear."

WereBear also "hibernates" with near-fanatical zeal, and can sleep in almost any environmental at the drop of a hat. Wake the WereBear at your own risk.

Gaming Philosophy

Fun = People

People > Rules, drama, old hatreds, personal vendettas, etc

"This game lives or dies based on the quality of the people playing. Go forth and be groovy, my son."

Affiliated Groups

Mourningwood Glen, Justicars, HFS, Bhurtok, Barad-Duin, Shadowmist


Member of the Justicars


Justicar fighter practice, 11/05/2010


World Banner Wars XII, 10/15/2011


Keep on the Borderlands 2013 Victors

Belted Family

None! He would like to be a fighting knight / warlord one day, but improvement is a life-long pursuit, not a finite goal.

Weapon Progression

Single Sword -> Longsword -> Florentine -> Sword and Board -> Log.



Favorite Weapon

Spiral wrapped 36" MC-foam short swords. He prefers the heavy weight for solid blocking, anti-sluffing, disarming, and for learning proper body mechanics.

Favorite "Giggles" Weapon Combo

  • Punch dagger with enormous hand-guard (thanks Nezzy)
  • 42-inch one-handed longsword
  • MC Padded Javelin

WereBear loves this weapon combo for quests and battlegames. The idea is to run around throwing your javelin into casters and then switch to down-dagger/fishing-pole when melee hits.

Favorite Players

Top 12 favorite players (listed alphabetically)

Theme Song

"King of Kings" - Manowar



"Notable" Accomplishments

  • Warlord of the HFS kingdom of Shadowmist. (lol)
  • Attended Nezzerin's knighting without loosing his lunch. (leopard-print thongs were involved)
  • Built "The Terwinator", an MC sword so heavy that even Terwin couldn't sluff it.
  • Moderated the HFSinChaos.com message boards.
  • Fractured his thumb sparring with unpadded 4ft lengths of PVC pipe.
  • Fractured his middle finger by shafting it half a dozen times in one day. (Sounds kinda dirty... rawr...)
  • Got banned from Wokou!
  • Is overpowered: