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A Household

What are we about

The Warder Wenches is a household originally consisting of attachees and friends of the Grey Warders. Our stated purpose is based off of the Warders' motto of "Go, Show, Do."
We fill this purpose by supporting and encouraging the improvement of the game, mostly through arts and service, and by encouraging and supporting women's roles in Amtgard.
We are not Blanket Bunnies.
We are strong and we are supportive.
We will help you, feed you, clothe you. But you will respect us, or you will be sorry.


The household was formed by Baroness Maera (Onishi Maera Halvorsdottir) and Lady Kathrynn St. James when their husbands (Sir Katzu the Farquestor and Baron Kindyr Penumbra) formed the Grey Warders. Both Ladies were in other companies, but wanted to support their husbands' endeavors. Since then, many others have joined as well, not only Warder significant others, but many women and men who wish to join in the goal of improving Amtgard, on and off the battlefield.

Household Colors

The Household color is grey with each member also getting their own personal color.


Go, Show, Do...with Style!


Alona - Green Wench
Demon - Red Wench
Jayde - Jade Wench
Kathrynn St. James - Yellow Wench
Kindyr - Black Wench
Kog - Cabin Boy
Liam Mc'Oi - Gold Wench
Maera - Royal Blue Wench (Head Wench)
Maggie - Pink Wench
Narewien - Baby Blue Wench
Raine - White Wench
Willow - Grey Wench


Phoenix Fire, given by Sheriff Teishi, August, 2005

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