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The colors of the War Dragons are Silver/Grey and Red, with Gold accents. The Heraldry of the War Dragons is a red dragon with wings spread across a field of grey. The dragon breaths a small golden firebolt. The Red Symbolizes not only blood, but service, as many of the Company work tirelessly to help others and the game of Amtgard. The Gold of the flame represents both the Sacred Flame of service, and Leadership. The field of grey or silver symbolizes the blank slate upon which all may write their deeds. We believe that everyone starts as nothing more than a shapeless grey mist. However we may rise as great dragons through hard work.

Their Mission as a company was to provide exemplary fighters, artisans, leaders, and service providers to our Amtgard community, and to provide support for each other in endeavors and hardships both in and outside of Amtgard.


The company was founded in 2013, with membership growing and waning as the winds of fate ordained. A focus on “epic battles”, brotherhood and comradery, and honor above all else has guided us. The original founders of the company were Thomas Deckard, Sergio Rodriguez, Caleb Browning, Safire Browning, and Robert McCombs.

They worked together to journey down a path that will bring nothing but honor and respect to us all.

The War Dragons formed when Caim Bloodwyrm, Dovahn, Wielder of the Titan Hammer and Elys Archain decided to form a company so that they may fight together. They eventually had members in the kingdom of the Wetlands, the Celestial Kingdom, Golden Plains, and assorted freeholds.

The War dragons started shortly after Caim Bloodwyrm also founded Bloodwyrm Haven in Lake Jackson, Texas, and the founders wanted a company to represent them at the park. A focus on "epic battlegames" was instrumental with the early development of the spirit of the company. Epic Fantasy, Anime, video games, and Heavy Metal Music (especially Manowar and Sabaton) were strong influences for the company. While some companies take pride in numbers, and some companies claim to fame is tourney prowess, the War Dragons wanted to be known for battlegames, and for making any battlegame they participated in just a little bit more epic. Large "Flurby" weapons were very common in the early days of the company, and they still maintain a presence for show and field use. Over time, the company grew to focus on creating a sense of brotherhood and working to support their separate goals. Combat prowess is highly valued in the company, but service, art, and leadership are also present. Lord Caim exemplifies the goals of the company by being active in all four branches as much as possible.

The Company formally dissolved in April of 2022 after they became too scattered and circumstances had left many inactive in the game.


The War Dragons had a Mercenary Company structure, with a Captain at the top, and recruits at the bottom.

Captain < Lieutenant < < Sergeants Soldiers < Recruits

Each member of Soldier or higher rank may sponsor up to two recruits at a time. A new member remains a recruit for at least 6 months and may be promoted to full membership by a majority vote of the active membership of the company.

As part of the Company's mission to maintain honor above all, the War Dragons do not "bar code" new players, instead requiring that a player have been active for a minimum of 3 months before being able to be sponsored as a recruit.

Affiliated Groups

House Rosemont

House D'Artiste

House Tankard



Lord Caim Bloodwyrm (Founder)


Lord Arathamus D'Bois


Jack the Laughing Boar


Enyoch the Druid (Founding Member)

Dovahn, Wielder of the Titan Hammer (Founding Member)

Elys Atlas/Mathias Archain(Founding Member)

Shadow Doll Archain - (Founding Member)

Lowell Dufresne

Trypano Phix

Cobalt Phix

Kyra LeSoren

Raylie Silverrose

Cassus Anima


Yin Sponsored under Cassus

Notable Accomplishments

  • The Captain of the War Dragons founded the province of Bloodwyrm Haven and grew it for years as new members came and went.
  • The first and Oldest Company from former Bloodwyrm Haven, containing most of the founding members of the Haven. Various members constantly held elected positions at Bloodwyrm Haven from the creation of the park through summer of 2016, a period of over four years.
  • War Dragons have held many provincial and Kingdom level offices, including all provincial level offices, and Class Guildmaster of many classes, as well as Kingdom Champion and Court Bard.
  • At summer Relic Quest of the Wetlands 2014, Reign XXXVI A member of the War Dragons was awarded the Wetlands home stone for A&S achievement.
  • At winter Relic Quest of the Wetlands Jan 2017, Reign XLII, a member of the War Dragons was part of a team that won the Michael's Hammer and was subsequently awarded full ownership of it for the reign.
  • Members of the War Dragons have received numerous awards and titles for combat skill, leadership, service, and artistic skill.

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