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Fighting tournament results and history for the Kingdom of Westmarch


Per their Corpora, Westmarch holds 4 major fighting tournaments per year - two for Crown Qualifications (Warmaster), and two at Midreign (Weaponmaster). The results below are a history of the top three placements in those tournaments. The corpora mandates the following categories for those tournaments:

  • Single short sword
  • Two short swords
  • Short sword and medium shield
  • Polearm/Great Weapons
  • Open category

Tournaments have historically been bracketed tournaments and either single elimination or double elimination. Best 2 out of 3 fights typically determines the winner for each bracketed match. Within the last couple years, Westmarch has been utilizing the Warlord Sports style of tournament, which uses timed pits to determine the top fighters who then fight in seeded brackets to determine 1st place for each category.

Warmaster (Quals):

Date Location 1st 2nd 3rd
April 2014 Deimos Orko Fox
November 2014 Seven Sleeping Dragons Deimos Stereotype Krom
April 2015 Gator Deimos ?
October 2015 Jokyo Manama Mathis
April 2016 Belias Tordecc Kalevra
October 2016 Belias Jokyo Rellion
April 2017 Seven Sleeping Dragons Deimos Jokyo Castings
November 2017 Thor's Refuge Deimos Fox Artemis
April 2018 Crimson Wood Xiaho Belias 52
October 2018 Aegir's Hall Rafael Belias Tordecc
May 2019 Wyverns Spur Roarkshack Orion Haeren Belias

Weaponmaster (Midreign)

Date Location 1st 2nd 3rd
February 2014 Orko Belias Caliban
August 2014 Belias Fiks Tordecc/Cal-Del (Tie)
February 2015 Wavehaven Gator Deimos Laoric
September 2015 Westmarch Wars Manama evil Randy Belias
February 2016 Seven Sleeping Dragons Jokyo Deimos ?
August 2016 Jokyo Rellion Guyvas
February 2017 Joyko Belias Harefor
August 2017 Crimson Wood Deimos Orion Roarkshack
February 2018 Valley of the Fallen Downfall Roarkshack Lothar
August 2018 Wavehaven Deimos Jokyo Roarkshack
February 2019 Nymyr's Sanctum Roarkshack Orion Haeren 2.0_(player)
August 2019 Wyverns Spur Roarkshack Belias ?
February 2020? TBD TBD TBD TBD