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Lady Vix of Rising Sun Station, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

”Some small consolation for all the pain you go through is the greater capacity for love and care you develop reaching the other side.”

Full Title

Lady Vix, Defender of the Rising Sun, Squire to Léal Fitzmorgan de Junshin


Vix started playing at Rising Sun Station in Summer of 2019. Shy but tenacious, she picked up the Assassin class until COVID shut all park functions down. On returning to the game, she discovered archery and has since put her efforts into becoming better with a bow, and the Archer class more specifically, though recently her interests have also expanded to include Druid, Bard, and Paladin.

Since September 2021 when she accepted a belt under Léal, she has actively grown to be a significant member of the community at Rising Sun, working in her positions in park monarchy to make the game more enjoyable for the people there.

Vix has very high standards for herself, and wants to show off her garb, teach others skills and perspectives in-game and out, and generally make the game a better place.

Belted Family

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