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Amtgard Chapter
Valonde Heraldry transparant.png
Kingdom Freehold
Status Freehold
City Stockton, California
Park Victory Park Google maps.png
Meets on every other Saturday at 12:00 PM
Founded 2018
Active Active

A Freehold within the lands of Westmarch, located in Stockton, California.

Founded in 2018, by Feolan the Wanderer, Grimnar the Black, and Lyna Blackfeather, Valonde is a collection of mercenaries and artisans prowling the valley of Westmarch. The individuals who form this group are located primarily in the San Joaquin area of California.


Events and Information

Park Days are every other Saturday, depending on weather, at 12:00 PM in Victory Park, 1001 N Pershing Ave, Stockton, CA 95203.

Althings are the first park day of the month at 12:00 PM before the Park Day as listed above.

Founder's Day is an event held each year as an anniversary of when Valonde was founded.

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Members of Valonde

Amethysta Songweaver Orkicon2.gif Balthazar the Dragon Orkicon2.gif Bulverker Tyrggson Orkicon2.gif Darkless Vasion Orkicon2.gif
Feolan the Wanderer Orkicon2.gif Grimnar the Black Orkicon2.gif Katerina Ivanova Orkicon2.gif Lyna Blackfeather Orkicon2.gif
Michael Ivanova Orkicon2.gif Mushi Mirage Orkicon2.gif Nicholai Dracul Orkicon2.gif Raine Moore Orkicon2.gif
Raven Thatch Orkicon2.gif Slevin Kelevra Orkicon2.gif Svalla Orkicon2.gif Terrek Breen Orkicon2.gif
Vanya Ithilwen Orkicon2.gif Vörðr Lew Orkicon2.gif