V9: Playtest Disclaimer

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This page is part of the Official Amtgard V9 Alpha-Playtest Rulebook.
  • The Amtwiki is the official home and primary source for Amtgard V9 Rules as of February 25, 2023.
  • This is a Closed Playtest. Only registered parks and their players may participate at this time. See the Playtest Disclaimer for more details.
  • To learn more about Amtgard V9 Development, please visit Amtgard.com.
  • To view the current Amtgard V8 ruleset, please see the Amtgard V8 Rulebook.

Amtgard V9 Playtest Information

This is a Closed Playtest

Only registered parks and their players may participate at this time.

Playtest information should only be advertised and discussed within registered groups and communities, such as the Official Amtgard V9 Discord Server. We understand that unregistered players can still view these rules however we want to respect the decision of the parks who are choosing not to engage with the development process at this time.

  • If you would like to participate in the Closed Playtest and your park is not registered, talk to your peers and see if they would like to register and join the playtest!

General Disclaimer

This ruleset is part of the Amtgard V9 closed alpha playtest initiative. These rules are not final and not all sections are complete. (At this time, only the rules up to militia level are present.) It is not supposed to look or feel like a finished product. It is still a work in progress and therefore subject to change. Changes may occur frequently. Consult the version number and the change log to ensure you are following the most up-to-date playtest ruleset.

The Amtgard V9 Alpha Playtest is a standalone product. It is not designed or intended to be used alongside the existing Amtgard V8 rules. Doing so may yield results that are not reflective of Amtgard V9 or the goals of its developers.

Alpha playtesting may not be suitable for all parks and players. If your players are looking to play a more complete and polished version of Amtgard V9, please wait until the Open Beta playtest phase begins in late 2023.

Construction Disclaimer

We sincerely appreciate anyone who chooses to spend their time and resources constructing equipment for the playtest. That said, construction rules for equipment are subject to change throughout the course of this and future playtests as we strive to fine tune the requirements.

If you choose to craft equipment for this playtest, please do so with the knowledge that it may become illegal. If you are worried about wasting resources, please consult with the V9 Team members and they can give you insight into what equipment is least likely to receive further tweaks or changes.

How Can I Contribute Feedback?

Only feedback submitted on the official Amtgard V9 Discord Server by members of registered parks is guaranteed to be seen by the development team.

Any player from a registered park can join the server, submit feedback, and participate in discussion.

If you would like to participate and your park is not registered, talk to your peers and see if they would like to register and join the playtest!

When and Where Can I Playtest?

V9 Alpha Playtests can be run right now at any registered playtest park. It is encouraged that the park populace be given ample time to familiarize themselves with the ruleset. This is still a completely new edition, even if many aspects are similar.

We recommend adding the V9 seal to any event banners or posters so players know it will be using the V9 rules. You can find the banner and the V9 Logo here.

Images and Artwork

Images and artwork used in this document are placeholders to demonstrate the intent of the final work. If you are the creator or subject of an image in this document and would like it to be removed, or if you would like to help provide images and artwork for the final version, please contact v9@amtgard.com or connect with us on Facebook or Discord.