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Hey there, I'm not actually the party uncharge of the wiki anymore, so I'm not able to make that call. Typically we would use a disambiguation page, for people who have the same name. Like the Shadow and Raven pages. Thoughts? --Linden 16:15, 19 May 2016 (EDT)

somehow the amt part made me forget about the wiki part

Thanks! i'm trying to harness my newfound not being depressedness and just high on the joie de vivre that I'm having a hard time going deep on any one thing. There's a makerspace in my hometown and so if the frostlands isn't already associated, I'll be that ambassador, and try to meet some peopel in japan before i leave so that I can have begun the process of chanbaraizing amtgard to tweak it for the japanese palatte, and perhaps, in so doing, allow amtgarders an easier transition into SCA stuff, but I've got work to do, so it'll be a while before I do the various launches. It'll be good to be back. Kendo is sweet, but it's not amtgard, but maybe I can build a bridge where... I won't be getting ahead of myself. (it thinks it's clever)