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RE: Agnogris_Northwind It looks like it just will not allow his last name to be saved on any page at all, the SQL injection package picks up on strange things sometimes. What I have done is to create a template for the beltline, and aliased his name since it seems to allow it to save as long as it is combined with his first name with an underscore. The main point of using the template, is it allows you to make changes to the beltline on just one page, and it will automatically update everyone's page who is linked to the template. So for further edits just go to Template:Jondal'ar Beltline and to link it on someones page, use the samething inside of a double set of curly braces, ie... {{Template:Jondal'ar Beltline}} BlackBart 10:37, 15 February 2018 (EST)