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The Blue Falcons Company

Colors are per bend sinister argent and azure a Falcon azure soaring


The Blue Falcons are a company dedicated to improving fighting on the field, honor and fidelity amongst it's members and above all a willingness to help the park, Westmarch, and Amtgard grow and expand.


Founded by Lord Dieter Bron von Boneschivinger, of Siar Geata, Westmarch, Dragonspine

The Company formed of a group of friends who live, and hang out together. Incidentally the group is composed of Veteran, and Active Duty US Marines and their immediate families. While this doesn't limit others from joining, the humor and camaraderie can be rather rough at times. The companies name is in itself intentionally a joke, most military Veterans will understand. While rather rough and rambunctious the company does have a militaristic air about it, though we are very approachable, especially if you bring Beer or Rum.


Honorary Members

  • Levia Duskwalker
  • Little John