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Man At Arms Lord Nephilim Fáelán The Fated Esq., The Unseen Hand and Discordian of the Barony of Mythic Forge in the Kingdom of Neverwinter

Nephilim Fáelán the Fated
Mythic Forge
Noble Title
Belted Status
Man At Arms
Belted Under


[From a letter found in his house, his history on this plane of existence can be gleamed. The author is unknown, and it seems as if the letter wasn’t meant to be seen by him, let alone in his possession]

The creature now known as Nephilim once was an inhabitant of the Plane of Shadows. Banished by his people [the following text has very obviously been altered, and rather poorly] He was sent as an emissary to the Material Plane, to establish trade and treaty with a Kingdom called Neverwinter. [The text returns to normal]

Upon arriving in our realm, he wandered for some time before coming across and saving a young woman. Misunderstanding the unnerving white skin and oddly coloured eyes for a being of divinity, she called him “Nephilim” before heading off, fearing what might happen to her with prolonged exposure to divine power. The Kayal mistook that as a name of somebody he could impersonate, and so adopted it for his own use. Soon, he found a shire in the woods and lay his claim. It is unknown why nobody stopped him, but he began to build his new life there. He sent word to the King of his “duty” and generally seemed to lay low for several years.

As far as what happened after that, I could find no trace of ill deeds; though I’m sure they must exist from a creature such as this. If anything he seems helpful, though this specimen needs more study before I give my report to the King.

[The signature has been made to be illegible] ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nephilim joined Amtgard in 2015, at the park of NodRama, in the Kingdom if Neverwinter. After a unfortunate bout of homelessness in 2018, he made his relatively quick return. He jumped in, getting belted to Farid and serving in more local offices. A few months after drama helped to dismantle the ironically named NodRama in early 2019, the few remaining core members took a park with an average of (generously) 7, and within a month had rebranded and tripled what the attendance had been like for nearly a year.

Since earning his first paragon title, he has a standing offer to make paracord paragon sashes for every newly elevated paragons at his park or in his household, and has extended that offer to those members of other parks to which he has become friends. Due to religion, two jobs, full time studies, and internships, he is unable to participate as much as he wishes to, but makes his appearances count and has taken to administrative duties such as Prime Minister, which he can do in his little free time, at home or anywhere he has a moment.


While he always responds to Nephilim, both in and out of game, he has a different character for each class. Each have backstories and personalities appropriate to them.

Lynx Fáelán (Druid)

Lynx believes that he is the last of his kind. A magickal fae unique to the world. He lives along humans, trying (and poorly, I might add) to keep his secret from the world. He can't stand the humans, who have hunted his kind to near extinction. The fae... are fated with death. He has taken to studying in the ancient ways of the derwydd. This, coupled with his natural affinity, makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Xion Snow (Warrior)

Xion is still a novice, but to anybody who doesn't know him, he is a warrior of great respect who has taken on armies standing alone. He can spin quite a tale for himself. He is still learning, but occasionally can seem to shrug off apparently fatal wounds and overcome overwhelming odds.

Jaime (Scout)

Jaime is a mercenary. Sword, dagger, or bow, he will find the right tool for the job, and make sure his targets or enemies don't see tomorrow. He strives to be the best, at any cost.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sir Michael Hammer of God (Crown)(Sword)(Flame)(Serpent)

Apprentices and Standards for Becoming One

As a sponsor, I accept responsibility for your behaviour, and knowledge of your class. I will work with you to make you a distinguished member of the Class Guild of your choice. I will also represent you in the Circle of Paragons, and advocate for your Paragon once I feel it is deserved.

To become an apprentice under Nephilim you must:

  • Be actively leveling the class you are apprenticing as.
  • Be an active and contributing member of your current Kingdom.
  • Be willing to listen to advice given by your sponsor (IE Nephilim).
  • Have good battlefield conduct, as determined by either your home park or Nephilim.


Former Apprentices

Titles I may or may not use on various occasions

The Unseen Hand, Requiem Aeternam, Discordian, The Imaginary, Spawn of the Void, Planeswalker, Lord, Esquire, Ethereal Keeper

Duplicate Awards

Ultimately, this is slightly annoying, but I'll take it in stride. After all, they are still awards.

  • Awarded a duplicate 1st order of the Dragon in October, 2019 (Had 3 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 5th order of the Rose in August, 2020 (Had 5 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 2nd order of the Smith in February, 2021 (Had 4 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 3rd order of the Smith in February, 2021 (Had 4 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 2nd order of the Smith in April, 2021 (Had 4 orders when awarded)

Notable Accomplishments

9th runner up for Flurb of the Year 2019

Order of the Awesome awarded by Winter's Edge for work during the plague times.

Paragon Assassin granted by Sir Kelbo D'Monet

Esquire (Awarded for excellence in the position of Baronial Champion)

Lord (Awarded for excellence in the position of Baronial Chancellor)

Man at Arms to Master Squire Count Fuzzy

Nephilim Resume 3/2021

Petition for the Knighting of Farid al-Baz (Master Rose, 2000)