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Princess Artonoke of Falcons Moon, Emerald Hills

”The puppet is the real brains of this operation"



Art's first time out was on 2/11/2018. He played warrior, got stabbed a whole bunch and had a blast.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Title of Baronet given in December 2018
  • Title of Baron given in December 2020
  • Autocrat of World Banner Wars XX
  • One of the founders of House Trash Panda

Offices Served

  • June 2018-December 2018: Pro Tem GMR of the Howling Plains
  • December 2018- May 2019: Baron of the Howling Plains
  • June 2019 to December 2019: EHBOD member
  • December 2019 to June 2020: EHBOD secretary
  • August 2019-December 2019: Pro Tem Champion of the Howling Plains
  • December 2019-June 2020: Champion of the Howling Plains
  • March 2020-October 2020: Kingdom Prime Minister of the Emerald Hills

Crat Positions

  • June 2018-EH Endreign-Facilities Crat
  • September 2018-Keep On the Borderlands- Facility team officer
  • October 2018-World Banner Wars XIX-Facilities Crat
  • December 2018-EH Endreign- Gate Crat
  • March 2019-EH Midreign- Autocrat
  • March 2019-Spring War- Facilities Crat
  • July 2019- Gathering of the Clans- Facilities Crat
  • October 2019- World Banner Wars XX- Autocrat
  • December 2019- EH Endreign- Gate/security Crat
  • March 2020- Spring War- Facilities Crat
  • June 2020-EH Endreign- Autocrat
  • October 2020- EH Midreign- Games Crat

Fun Facts

  • The first time Art met Kal_Thrax, Kal shot Art in ear and ruptured his eardrum. Kal's next shot hit Art in the groin. Art now flinches any time Kal picks up a bow.
  • Art bore witness to Mortyn simultaneously conquering a griffin and basilisk.
  • Art started a war between Howling_Plains and Falcon's Moon, brokered a peace treaty, assassinated the outgoing baroness (Shroudstar) which then triggered a second war. The two parks remain besties to this day.
  • Art has a beetlejuice themed tunic which he dons to become Artlejuice
  • Art will also temporarily don garb to represent different "Art Personas". This has led to Princess Artonoke and the Count of Arte Christo

More Information

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