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Ulrich, of Jupiter's Stones Tal Dagore

”Creativity is only limited by your imagination” Or in his case someone Else's



Ulrich began gaming in 1976 when his parents gave him a copy of the 1st edition DMG. (Much to their regret) He continued this bent with minatures wargaming, Battletech, GURPS, finally in college the SCA and more pen and paper games than he cares to admit to. (although if you check the shelves in his basement you can figure it out pretty quick!)

Ulrich joined Amtgard at the Western Gate park in the summer of 2009 after returning from 2 tours of duty in Iraq. His son Ver introduced him to the game and his younger two sons also play. Since that time he has entered a great number of items in the A&S competitions and generally pushes for a more standardized form of judging for Amtgard A&S.

Ulrich has more hobbies than are good for him including, woodworking, leather working, lost wax casting, glassblowing and torchwork, and candle making. Just to name a few!! He manufactures the crossbows seen in his picture above! (yes Amtgard legal even under 20')

Quick note?? Why don't we allow heavy crossbows that are not legal under 20'. Then I could have a real duel with Rammork BlackFalcon.

Ulrich's son Schrei "Ver" Verwüstung had Rammork commenting how he hated that crossbow at Goblin war. Then Rammork joined Peregrine Guard he was reminded that the crossbow belonged to another member and then he loved that crossbow!

Affiliated Groups

House Of Plague

Notable Accomplishments

Second Dragon Master of Tal Dagore Feb 2011 to Aug 2011(REMOVED. Please see the article here[[1]])

Forth Dragon Master of Tal Dagore Feb 2012 to Aug 2012(REMOVED. Please see the article here[[2]])

Perfect 5.0 score on engraved inlaid crossbow, IK Keep on the Borderlands 2011(REMOVED. Please see the article here[[3]])

Placed third in A&S at Defrost Olympiad January 2012 (REMOVED. Please see the article here[[4]])

Winner Best of the Best Competition RW Coronation March 31, 2012 (REMOVED. Please see the article here[[5]])

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