Typhin the Halberd

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Lord Typhin, of Slaughter Creek in The Celestial Kingdom and Riesenstadt realm of Dagorhir.

  • "When you fight XIII you're always facing the sun."



One of the founding members of The Sanguine University. Began playing October 2 2010.

In 2011 Typhin joined XIII but left in 2012 to pursue other ventures.

Frequents The Sanguine University, Tori Mar, occasionally Traitors Gate, and can be found at all CK events.

Often found fighting and or traveling with Rikudon and Aiolos.

Since the closing of Sang U Typhin currently claims the park of Slaughter Creek in Austin.

In 2014 Typhin began to heavily cross game with Dagorhir and has since returned to XIII but left XIII as of 2016.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

No belted family as of this time

Notable Accomplishments