Twilight S. Moon

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OverLord Twilight S. Moon of Madoc's Keep, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

Twilight S. Moon
Home Park Madoc's Keep
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 2005
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status [[]]


twilight started playing Amtgard in June 2005...(went to his first event in Sept. 2006) he then moved to Madoc's Keep in 2007 and has been playing there ever since.... twilight became part of the Nemoralis belt line under MaA Viper Moonshade... while being Vipers page, twilight received his first 4 orders of the warrior and his first 2 orders of the roses... Since being at Madoc's Keep twilight became a Saracen on Sept. 2008 and got his Full "S" at Sept. 2009 event.... twilight stepped out of the Nemoralis belt line in January 2010... at march of 2010 he became the 2nd Lieutenant for the tribe crimson hellcats and joined Baron Rigor noble belt line as a page. On Sept.2010 joined new tribe called Anubis Pack. Nov. 2010 Baron Rigor became Sir Rigor. April 2011 twilight became man at arms under Sir rigor. at bridge wars 2011 Queen Jinx bestowed the title of baronet to twilight. and he toke overlord as the title. On march 2014 at the kingdom of the Rising Winds event twilight step away from the Saracen fighting Company, To pursue his own adventures.

Affiliated Groups

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