Twilight Peak

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A Barony of the Principality of the Nine Blades under Rising Winds located in Toronto, Canada.

Twilight Peak
Background Moon and Sky: Purpure
Chevronny Modified party per chevron using the heraldic "peak" as the point
Purpure Royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice
Foreground Peak: Sable et Argent
Sable Constancy or grief
Argent Peace and sincerity
Peak As a mountain: symbol of constancy, permanence and enlightenment.


Twilight Peak has had a number of name changes (beginning as Wolven Winds, becoming the Winds of Mór Túr, and in February of 2006 changing its name to Twilight Peak). It is starting to come into its own, growing from a Shire of barely 4 in 2003 to a Barony of twenty players at the time of writing (January 2009). Hosts the event Twilight every September. Twilight I was on September 15-17, 2006.

In 2012, they moved from Thompson Park in Scarborough, to High Park.

In 2013 they moved from High Park to Earl Bales Park in North York.

Current Officers

Baron Kyana Nimue's E-Mail
Regent Diana Starfall's E-Mail
Champion Amp's E-Mail
Chancellor Dracious's E-Mail
Guildmaster of Reeves Maus

Past Twilight Peak Monarchy


Check Facebook Group for more information about meeting up. Usually have a weekend meetup as well as a fighter practice during the week.
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