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Squire Tryflin Palandir, of Madoc's Keep, Kingdom of the Rising Winds



Tryflin started playing amtgard at Madoc's Keep in Louisville, KY when she was 15. She was introduced to the game by her brother Asche and best friend Daecu. She originally was called Aunook, but after demolishing Smurf in a pizza eating contest she earned her spot as one of the first female recruits in Ferrum Crux and the new name Tryflin. She cofounded the Unofficial Pirate Crew, the most unofficial club in the Rising Winds, with Daecu in 2006. She then spent several months in and out of the game, but now is fully commited to her park and company.She was asked to join Frenzy United in June of 2010. Tryflin continues to be one of the most active female fighters in the Rising winds.

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Temple of the Vanguard


Dragonbait (2006, now disbanded)

Unofficial Pirate Crew

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