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'The following information was submitted by Earl Sir Clalibus of Henceforth

The Lands that were Torn. Barad Duin was once, and Tori-Mar is Now.

Reign 1 mar 1991

The First six months were ruled as a Barony by Larn of Booga, with Rufus Grimwulf as his Chancellor.

Reign 2 sep 1991

Reign 3 mar (8,15,22,29) 1992

Promotion to Ducal Status and Calvin ruled as Duke.

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Reign 4 sep (20,27) 1992

Reign 5 mar (7,14,21,28) 1993 / MidReign Jun 13th Mr.Gatti’s

Chancellery boxes were stolen from Tiberius during a robbery of his steed (Car), recovery was impossible, rebuilding was immanent but slow in coming.

Reign 6 Oct (4,11,18,25) 1993

The Company Reign of the Golden Lions

Reign 7 May (8,15,2,29) 1994

Blight strickened the fields, salted by the hands of the tiller men themselves as it seemed by the request of the royalty themselves. Appointments were made to alter the state of affairs and reappointments after that, but the only prevailing wind blew in the air of the newly deceased royalty.

Reign 8 Dec 1994

Continuity arose, in that, the unstable infrastructure of the lands remained. Fearing starvation entourages of migrators began their appearances as they left the gates. Royals remained, but what were they to relinquish to their heir apparents?

Reign 9 Jun 4th 1995

In the rift, the Grimwulf again took arms. Perhaps not for the first time, perhaps not for the last; alone they could not be the only leaders though, and as his cabinet fled they relinquished their aid upon empty hands.

Reign 10 Dec 23rd 1995 Ez’s Pizza / MidReign Mar 24th Shady Hollow Center

The new hands proved to be capable, however a torrid affair between the Chancellor and Regent coming to an end proved to much for the involved, causing abandonment in their duties.

Reign 11 July 21st 1996

As the land prospered, those inside who had become accustomed to strife and the salted earth became comforting, opened the fingers of their hands to sieve out a blight upon the lands. Fires rose, as the voices, shrieks, and cackles of the populace and royalty alike. The strong were said to be able to survive this ablutive fire, as well they did survive the means. But by their flight mid way through their tenure, they apparently showed that they were truly not interested in the ends to the said means?

Reign 12 Jan 19th 1997 – Aug 16th 1997

Burnt to the ground and salted to barrenness, still a seed lived large enough to forage a Barony. Reconstruction by all was made over the next two years. Scars were filled but never to be forgotten by the survivors. Intent was not always for the best but it was movement from stagnation nonetheless. Many survivors perished and many more moved elsewhere: Rufus & Kendra to Tennessee, Fnord & Franchesca to the Wetlands, Warchylde and Psycho to Golden Plains, Balinor to Burning Lands, Zephram , Melinda, Wanderer, Dirk, Colton, & Dreadstone into pseudo-obscurity, Calvin to eventually find love in Goldenvale, and innumerous others lying either dead, forgotten, or displaced from the lands which were once again Torn.

Reign 13Aug 16th 1997

Reign 14 Feb 1998

Reign 15 Aug 1998

From almost a hundred to the depths of a dozen, the state fell within these three years. The reconstruction was not for naught. A hone was achieved of those that remained. Reconstruction not in the noble house, but in the land under which it was held, brought back the Duchy not to its most grandiose state, but to a considerably stronger base, from which advancement was to be made not on the shoulders of the strong and few, but upon the lessons which were left behind.

Reign 16 Feb 1999

Autonomous, the lands grew. Figure heads as they were, the park was lead by the royals. Good intention or not they followed the peoples wishes and the land rejoiced with tears upon the fields. For not all good, and for not all bad, the lands absorbed the nourishment, accustomed to the salts from the hands of its inhabitants, discriminating neither among tears, sweat, or blood.

Reign 17 Aug 1999

Too soon the heads realized their ambiguity, either during, before, or upon their stepping down no heads were replaced to lead the park. Nor was their absence noticed, until Amordin from the death which was thought to have engulfed him, gave alarm and chase to discover the once slaves to the land which were to now stand up and lead it themselves rather than steer from behind the veils.

Reign 18 Sep 17th 2000 -

The intent to lead proved to profound for the Duke, as his interest dwindled. He evacuated and as in the previous void no true attempt was made to replace him until the next necessary appointments arose.

Reign 19 mar 2001

The machine trudged on but no true advances were made, as always souls moved on either to death, obscurity, or simply to wheres of else. New souls were born and with the knowledge which came before them they became strong and excited, but with their limited numbers the lands stagnated still for the next years. Strange that all the movement of experienced souls came from the Wetlands to our lands; even with their original ideals and techniques, which did not translate well into our folds they made our old land their new, and assimilated our customes and moirés into their own. Nightshade: Duke Tiberius: Chancellor Linden: Regent Randalf Falconbridge: Defender

Reign 20 oct 2001

Reign 21 May 2002

Perhaps too zealous in their attempts the new guard took their hand at the coronet. No failure was involved, nor was the task too daunting, but the strong enthusiasm for change and new in the new hearts soon spawned apathy and showed not fault but lack of experience.

Reign 22 Nov 10th 2002

Here we are presently, as the new Barony hits a new dawn. Old shoulders are trying to support were the new, knew not to ask for knowledge and forgotten lore to the answers to which they did not understand. The future of the dream is at the tips of our tongues, at the tips of our swords, and at the tips of our own hands, ready to mould us to better times in the land which will forever be torn: the lands of Tori-Mar.

Reign 23 may 2003

The Burning of the earth recame quickly, the dark rose abandoned her dream, leaving her confidont the mother goddess to replant the lands that are indeed still torn

Reign 24 nov 2004

Reign 25 May 16th 2004

25 reigns were enough . . .we declared a violent upheval and became amtgard's first communist state . . .we are lead by a commissar and they keep track of the records

Clalibus, Kodak, and Aiolos have so far filled this position

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