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ThunderCats Household

Battle Cry

”Thunder . . . Thunder! THUNDER! THUNDERCATS, HO!




The ThunderCats household was founded by Iyra on August 18th, 2011. Iyra, whose original Amtgard name was Puma, proudly announced to Lyndi that her persona name had been decided (or so she thought) during a feast at Clan 2011, and, upon confiding in Lyndi her choice, Lyndi's eyes became huge as she momentarily sat in silence before exclaiming "I love it!" Then Lyndi had a brilliant idea: "I could make you a ThunderCats tunic, except it'll be a puma!" That's how Iyra became a fervent, almost religious ThunderCats fanatic! And, when she discovered the puma cat ThunderCat, the fate of her name was sealed. Now, thanks largely to her namesake, Iyra is doing her best to bring to life a group dedicated to the Code of Thundera and thus all things ThunderCats!


  • Iyra (founder, persona of Pumyra)
  • Mihr (co-founder, persona of Snarf)
  • Smiley (persona of Jaga)

More Information

ThunderCats is a group dedicated to all things ThunderCats, but nothing more so than the Code of Thundera, something which should define all its members: Justice (to act in a virtuous manner on and off the battlefield); truth (to be outright and honest within and without Amtgard); honor (to acknowledge wounds and defeats in combat); and loyalty (to provide support and friendship to all those affiliated with the ThunderCats).


The ThunderCats are actively recruiting! Please contact Iyra at if you are interested in joining the household!

  • The ThunderCats look to find like-minded individuals with a love for all things ThunderCats as well as the virtues that said feline warriors hold dear
  • When an Amtgarder requests to join the ThunderCats, they will be given a trial period in which they are called "ThunderKittens"; this is the pledging phase
  • When an Amtgarder has proven him or herself to the ThunderCats' council, they will become a full-fledged ThunderCat, at which time they can either choose a cat to be associated with (or anything else from the show/comics, such as Berbils or mutants) or take on the persona of an actual ThunderCat, as Iyra has done, but please note that there shouldn't be any duplicate personas