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Thomas Blackmoore, of Dark Shores, Polaris

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Once played in the Shire of Three Rivers he left to go north on a great pilgrimage. He found a barren waste land and was one of three who funded what is now known as the Frost Lands. He now returns home to Dark Shores and has rekindled his friendship with Hagar. Now the two plan on conquering all in their path.

Affiliated Groups

Dark Shores

Three Rivers

Frost Lands

Lt. of the Brotherhood of Dark Tower Fighter Company

Lord/Captain of Black Oak House/Fighting Company January 2001-August 2004(Disbanded)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


Sheriff of Frostlands May 2002-Febuary 2003

Captain of Groan Mooncaller's Guard Febuary 2002-September 2002

Champion of Frostlands March 2002-May 2002

Captain of Thagar Mor's Guard May 2003-September 2003

Guildmaster of Warriors December 2001-May 2002

Member of Hagar's guard December 2004-July 2005

Champion of Three Rivers July 2005-December 2005

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