The Potato War

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The event that lead to Spring War.

King M'deth of the Burning Lands called Michael Hammer of God of the Celestial Kingdom and offered to invade at his midreign if the CK could organize a site and event that could accommodate the numbers. The Role Playing pretext for this war was that King Michael was oppressing his potato farmers. Balinor a relative new-comer to the CK and a former Burning Lander was tapped to autocrat the event. It was the first CK event ever at Burnet County Fairgrounds. Balinor deserves credit for starting the relationship with that site which was long and valuable for both the CK and the fairgrounds. The CK brought all her people and the Burning Lands brought not only a large contingent of fighters from their own park(s) but many allies from all over Texas. This included the kingdoms of the Emerald Hills and the Golden Plains and also the coalition of east Texas groups which later became the Wetlands. This massive influx of fighters made the 'Potato War' the biggest event in Central Texas to that point. The Sunday when that event ended, Michael and the other leaders of the CK began to plan to make it an Annual tradition. The goal was to provide a central Texas Clan like experience.