The Keeper of Souls

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The Keeper of Souls is a NPC created by The Bitter Coast Quest Guild for use in the ongoing Bitter Coast Quest Campaign, which has been told over several reigns.

The Keeper of Souls resides in the Realm of Death. He collects the wayward souls of those who travel between death and life without purpose or direction, and keeps them until they can be sent on their way to their fate. While in possession of the souls of the dead, he may be bargained with, and has released souls back to the land of the living in exchange for the life force of willing sacrifices.

The souls he collects are often the souls of warriors who are killed and shattered, but are awaiting resurrection. If The Keeper of Souls finds the soul of a vanquished warrior before they are resurrected, they cannot be. One must travel to his dark realm, and bargain with him for the wayward soul that he keeps.

The Keeper of Souls is an ancient being, and his actual power is unknown, but what is known is that nobody who has threatened the Keeper with violence has lived to tell the tale, only by bargaining with the Keeper can you hope to escape with what you seek, and your own life.

When Sir Darva (under the influence of The Warlich of Control) had Mistress Alaina executed for treason, the Heroes of Bitter Coast traveled to the a remote gateway to the Realm of Death under the guidance of Fibli the Dwarf.

Once at the gate, they were forced to confront a powerful guardian Nosferatu, and his undead brood, but once they entered the dark realm, things only got worse. In the Realm of Death, there are unspeakable terrors that await in the darkness, and the heroes had to stay close together, using various light-sources to keep the horrors at bay.

Eventually the heroes found The Keeper of Souls, and Sir Belgarin, give up his life force in exchange for Mistress Alaina's soul, which was then released. As the heroes tried to escape they had to fight their way out, facing many monsters including The Voidstalker which was recently banished back to the Realm of Death, from which it came from, by Sir Darva.

The Heroes of Bitter Coast successfully escaped the Realm of Death, with Mistress Alaina in tow. Without any additional reason to return to that dread place, the current activities of The Keeper of Souls is unknown, but most likely he is doing what he has done for countless centuries, patiently collecting, shrewdly bargaining, and ruling his realm in darkness.

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