The Church of Steeeeeve

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"Dammit Tom, I left you alone for 5 minutes and you went and started a Cult” - Pocket Elf

"Please Sweetie, its more of an enthusiastic following” - Steeeeeve

"So sayeth Steeeeeve, Aah f**k”


Founded mostly by accident at Keep on the Borderlands 2016, The Church of Steeeeeve is a "Enthusiastic Following" of Steeeeeve, the following's chief Deity.


While the followers of the Church of Steeeeeve are firm in their belief, the Church's Dogma is...vague as best. Steeeeeve is currently working on the first holy text, which is rumored to be a coloring book with vague quotes written on a few of the pages. What is for certain though, is that upon joining the religion anyone above 6' in height must renounce their height in order to be accepted.

"We are the Church of Steeeeeve. We identify as Minndor-kin, and we have accepted him into our hearts. Our benevolent leader shan't heal thy wounds, or bring thee back to life, but he shall murder thine enemies and smite them to the ground."

Notable Events

  • August 24, 2018 - On this most blessed of days, the celestial bodies aligned and the Goddess Pocket Elf was joined to our most blessed Steeeeeve in holy matrimony

Notable Members

More Information

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