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Man at Arms Than De'Circe, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale.



Than, like some other members of Caradoc, originally hails from Haranshire. He has a tendency to lurk, often wears a fantastic hat, and has no teeth.

No, really. The hat IS fantastic, and he IS lacking his teeth.

Affiliated Groups

  • Circle of Death

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Assassin
  • His appointment to Guildmaster of Engineers was a summons before Baron Padraic and a simple "You have six months to build me a seige engine."

Sadly, he didn't accomplish it, but it was still a cool moment.

Positions Held

  • Guildmaster of Engineers, Caradoc Hold, October 2007 - December 2008
  • Guildmaster of Assassins, Caradoc Hold, June 2208 - December 2008
  • Regent's Defender, Caradoc Hold, June 2008 - December 2008

More Information

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