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The Holy Order of Templars was founded in 1996 in Kingdom of the Valley of the Silver Rains and has since grown to include members in the kingdoms of Blackspire, Emerald Hills, Wetlands, Rising Winds, and Northern Lights.

GOD WILLS IT!!! -- Blasphemy to those who say otherwise.

Grand Master Templar Sir Christian Kendric





Grand Master Templar: Sir Christian Kendric, Inland Ocean

Grand Commander: Oromis, Inland Ocean

Grand Chancellor: Guin, Inland Ocean

Grand Alderman: Savage, Dusk Hollow

Master Templar of House Kendric: Unum, Inland Ocean

Master Templar of House De Malard: Ziana, Slaughter Creek


House Kendric

Sir Morgan Kirkpatrick, Iron Keep

Savage, Dusk Hollow

Kubla Khan, The Hollow

Cheech, Shrouding Mist

Turtle, Inland Ocean

Lalailom, Inland Ocean

Hrothgar, Inland Ocean

Toa, Inland Ocean

MonkeyMan, Inland Ocean

Hannibal, Inland Ocean

Jacob, Inland Ocean

Laurel, Dragons Forge

Darkstar, Shrouding Mist

Lunar Fox, Hermits Hold

Ursus, Shrouding Mist

Lolander, Inland Ocean

Bjorn, Hermits Hold

House DeMalard

Dopplin Stormchaser


Evain Ellesidil


Teanlock Mcfie

Fallen Brothers

Strongdrake, Storm Grove


Peehs, Sacred Wind

Ro, Inland Ocean

Sven, Inland Ocean

Devry, Greenwood Keep

Kraig Kirkpatrick, Iron Keep

Talius, Inland Ocean

Azura, Stormhaven

SerUriel, Dragons Forge

Melee Moses, Inland Ocean

Terran Krakenslayer, Hermits Hold

Kai Soulfull, Silver Moon

Heldris, Dragons Forge

Gundar, Nocturnis

Sir Dogboy, Inland Ocean

Rodeo, Dusk Hollow

Brigard Demalard, Steel River

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