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The Legendary Viscount Sir Taven Char, He Who Rocks Mundanely, Well-Groomed Bringer of Light of the Wetlands

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Taven began playing Amtgard in September of 2006. Quickly becoming a respected member of Crimson Moon, he was appointed Champion in January of 2008 when the reigning champion was forced to resign due to work scheduling. Taven continues to share his humor, wisdom, and leadership skills in Crimson Moon and in the Wetlands. Less than 4yrs in the game, he was elected to the Board of Directors by an overwhelming majority in December of 2009.

Taven is teh awesome, and if you haven't met him, seek him out, you won't regret it.

Knighted February 23rd, 2013: In an emotional and well-photographed ceremony, the sword was dropped by Dame Samara du Lac while his liege, Don Sebastian, read him his Oath of Chivalry. Following the oath, Sebastian slapped him (ala "Kingdom of Heaven") so that he would never forget that night. Of course, the slap was reciprocated during his buffeting, and THAT slap was immediately dubbed "The Slap Heard 'Round Amtgardia", probably because most of the onlookers wished they could slap Sebastian, too. There were tears, drinks, and an enourmous amount of cheering as Taven arose, a Knight of the Flame of the Kingdom of the Wetlands. There is a rumor that even Sebastian had a tear or three on his face (before he got slapped), but that woud be accusing Bas of having a heart and possibly even a soul, so it can't possibly be true...

Knighting Videos (3 parts):

Affiliated Groups

Magnificient Bastards

Belted Family

Before being granted a knighthood, Taven was squired to Don Sebastian du Lac, who was squired to Sir Luke Wyngarde.

Sir Luke Wyngarde (Flame 2000)

Offices Held

  • Champion of Crimson Moon
  • Duke of Crimson Moon x2
  • Champion of Crimson Moon (2014)
  • Wetlands Board of Directors x4
  • Official "Plan B" of Crimson Moon

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame, Granted by WL CoK under King Zachry Ironwolf. (Feb 23, 2013)
  • Master Rose, awarded by King Thalen of the Wetlands, June 11, 2011
  • Successfully assassinated 3 consecutive Kingdom Monarchs in the Wetlands, in court, no less.(Margul, Bas, Kane)
  • Captain of the Inquisitors for Tyrant Margul Malorius, Reign XXV
  • Captain of the Praetorian Guard for Emperor Sebastian of the Wetlands, Reign XXVI
  • Champion of Crimson Moon : 1/08-5/11/08
  • Duke of Crimson Moon : 5/11/08 - 11/21/08
  • Title of Lord
  • Title of Baron
  • Title of Viscount
  • Master Assassin
  • Order of the Tsunami, given by Tyrant Margul Malorius, WL Reign XXV
  • Taven rocks mundanely.
  • Taven is bigger than your penis.

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