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Baron Taraos, of Darkmoor Wetlands

”I try.”

”I'm sure someone cares.”

  • Photograph

Taraos has mastered the art of eluding photography.


Affiliated Groups

Constance's Cool Kids Club

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Wetlands GM of Wizards x2
  • Ducal PM of Darkmoor x3
  • Shire PM of Darkmoor x2
  • Baron of Darkmoor x2
  • Ducal PM of Crimson Moon x1
  • Baronial Regent of Inferno Pass x1
  • Sheriff of Blue Sky Citadel x1
  • Title of Baronet (WL, July 2007)
  • Title of Baron (WL, Nov 2007)

Additional Images

More Information

  • Is kind of a jackass